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1930 Hollis Baird The Romance and Reality of Television booklet was produced by the Shortwave and Television Corporation -- Station W1XAV -- Boston, Mass. -- USA.

Here are scans of the most interesting parts of this 65 page 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" soft cover booklet, which covers information about the company, its broadcasting studio and transmitting equipment, instructions for building their scanning disc television, complete chassis photos, and finally, the operating instructions.   Original booklet cost 15 cents.

(Click any scan to enlarge)
1930 W1XAV Booklet Cover.JPG (33278 bytes) (33K file size)    Front Cover

1930 W1XAV Booklet Inside.JPG (70797 bytes) (71K)    Inside front cover and title page

1930 W1XAV Booklet P2.JPG (19590 bytes) (20K)   The offices and transmitting antenna

1930 W1XAV Booklet P8.JPG (51917 bytes) (52K)     Scanning equipment in the studio

1930 W1XAV Booklet P22.JPG (103061 bytes)  (103K)   More studio equipment

1930 W1XAV Booklet P24.JPG (87336 bytes)  (87K)   Overview of building the kit

1930 W1XAV Booklet P29 Schematic.JPG (116048 bytes) (116K)     Schematic drawing of the receiver

1930 W1XAV Booklet Chassis.JPG (78271 bytes)  (78K)  Chassis Top View

1930 W1XAV Booklet Bottom.JPG (91462 bytes)  (91K)    Chassis Bottom View

1930 W1XAV Booklet Motor-Neon.JPG (47091 bytes) (47K)    Motor and Neon Bulb Wiring Diagram

1930 W1XAV Booklet Op Inst.JPG (77993 bytes)  (78K)  Operating Instructions - Page 1

1930 W1XAV Booklet Op Inst2.JPG (117049 bytes) (117K)    Operating Instructions - Page 2

1930 W1XAV Booklet TV Stations.JPG (75311 bytes) (75K)     1930 Active Television Stations in USA - Using Mechanical Scanning Systems

Here is an interesting 1931 article telling about all of the problems you can have when you operate an early mechanical scanning system television, like the Hollis Baird kit.

1931 Picture goes Blooey.JPG (260809 bytes)     (250K file size)

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