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First Television Set in the Netherlands

On 11 February, 2004, I received this e-mail from Mr. Michael Ypes:

Dear Tom,

My father H J Ypes had the 1st television receiver in the Netherlands, the
transmitter was built in August 1935 by Mr K Kerkhof in his spare time, He
was working at Phillips and my father had a radio shop in Deventer.

I am attaching some Dutch press articles and copies of photos.

You might want to add this to your website.

Michael Ypes

Accordingly, I'm pleased to post these images:

1936 News Dutch1  (288K bytes) (288K) - Photo shows Mr. Ypes in front of his homemade (mechanical) television set.  Transmissions were organised by Mr. Kerkhof, with Miss Dina Jansen doing the lip reading.

1936 News Dutch3 (312K bytes) (312K) - In August 1935, Mr. Kerkhof, his wife and chauffer toured the Netherlands, demonstrating his homemade television transmitter.  Mr. H. J. Ypes who had a radio shop in Deventer suggested that Mr. Kerkhof transmit to him, which he thought was a good idea.  Every Sunday morning between 7:00 and 8:30AM the historic transmissions took place.  Images of Mrs. Kerkhof were shown and Mr. Ypes had a lady who could lip read, as there was no sound broadcast at that time.  The transmission had a radius of 300km and a lot more radio amateurs starting watching.

20-July-1936  Dutch News (176K bytes) (176K) - 20 July 1936, De Graafschap-Bode newspaper telling how Mr. Ypes demonstrated television reception on his homebuilt TV receiver.  Transmission was done by Mr. F. Kerkhof in Eindhoven.

1938 Dutch TV License (48K bytes) (48K) - Mr. Ypes' license for television receiver PAOPIM in Holland

1938 Dutch TV Photos (80K bytes) (80K) - Photographs of Mr. Ypes in front of his receiver, and off-screen photographs showing Mr. Kerhof shaving and Mrs. Kerkhof trying on hats.

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