Television History - The First 75 Years
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1938 Radio (7" x 10" in size)

1938 Jan RADIO.JPG (77344 bytes)    1938 Jan RADIO-Pg1.JPG (233164 bytes)

1938 Jan RADIO-Pg5.JPG (85292 bytes)
RCA Encourages The Radio Amateur to Try His Hand at a New Field of Experimentation: TELEVISION !

1938 Jan RADIO-Pg6.JPG (150278 bytes)
Page 6 - "Two Television Kinescopes Now Available for the Experimenter" shouts the advertisement to Radio Amateurs -- the RCA model 1800 and 1801 picture tubes (kinescopes as they were also called).  Also pictured is the 1936 RCA RR-359 experimental set -- approximately 100 were made for New York  field tests, about a dozen remain today.

1938 Jan RADIO-Pg7.JPG (159727 bytes)
Page 7 - This is the other 'half' of the centerfold spread in this magazine.  Talks about the "Present Status of Television" for January 1938.

1938 Jan RADIO-Pg8.JPG (161579 bytes)
Page 8 - "In Radio and Television It's RCA ALL THE WAY".  Talks about how RCA will continue field experiments in the New York area and gives the prices for the RCA 1800 and 1801 picture tubes -- $60.00 and $40.00, respectively.  This equals approximately $700 and $500 in today's money.  Constructing your own experimental electronic television set back in those early days was expensive.  Several hobbyist's magazines offered the schematics and plans for those who were brave enough to attempt it.  Later, in 1939, a company called "Andrea" offered the first television in kit form which made the project much more affordable and assured successful operation when complete.

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