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1941 Radio Craft

1941 Aug RADIO CRAFT.JPG (90208 bytes) (90K)

You have to see this to believe it !!  A prewar in-dash car television set, that you build and install yourself !! 

1941 CAR Television.JPG (219257 bytes) (219K)
Close-up of car television set

1941 Aug RADIO CRAFT-P74.JPG (80650 bytes) (81K)
This was the ONLY reference to this car television, in the August 1941 issue -- basically a brief announcement and plans to publish more later.

1941 Aug RADIO CRAFT-P75.JPG (184360 bytes) (184K)
15' x 20' Theatre Television by RCA

1941 Sept RADIO CRAFT.JPG (100222 bytes) (100K)

1941 Car TV1b.jpg (115025 bytes) (115K)
Block Diagram of 25 Tube In-Dash Car Television

1941 Car TV1.jpg (62912 bytes) (63K)
Introduction to the car television project - PART ONE

1941 Car TV1a.jpg (57364 bytes) (57K)
First time in ANY radio publication -- Is it possible to build a car television?

1941 Car TV2.jpg (111002 bytes) (111K)   1941 Car TV3.jpg (91141 bytes) (91K)    1941 CAR TV10.jpg (70713 bytes) (71K)    1941 CAR TV11.jpg (82559 bytes) (83K)    1941 CAR TV12.jpg (81553 bytes) (82K)
Details of the circuitry.  Unfortunately, this project was NOT continued in any of the remainder of 1941 issues, and I have not been able to find any 1942 or 1943 issues to date.  I think 60 years and various "paper drives" during the war years and later,  have taken their toll on available copies.  If someone has copies of the rest of this project and would like to share this information, please contact me.

Click here to see more of this issue!   (Announcement of the first day of commercial television in America)

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