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1941 Radio & Television

1941 Aug RADIO-TV.JPG (87439 bytes) (87K)
August -  "Television Baseball Is Here!"

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First Televised Night Game - And Results are Amazingly Good!

This article talks about America's first NIGHT-televised baseball game, held in "mid-June" (1941) at Ebbets field.  The article isn't perfectly clear which teams were playing -- Reds and Dodgers, or Dodgers-Cardinal, or some other teams.  It goes on to say that skeptical set owners, who had expected to see dark grey figures cavorting on the field, were pleasantly surprised, for the illumination was apparently as brilliant and more uniform than natural sunshine.


"The Golden Years of Broadcasting", by Robert Campbell, on page 84 -- states:
The first sports telecast took place on May 17, 1939.  The event was a college baseball game between Columbia and Princeton at BAKER FIELD, in UPPER MANHATTAN, New York.  Princeton won in the 10th inning, 2-1.  The event was televised over W2XBS, the experimental station that later became WNBC-TV.
The first MAJOR-LEAGUE baseball game (in the Fall of 1939, no date) was between the Dodgers and the Reds, on Ebbets Field.  The first PRO football game televised was on October 22, 1939 -- also on Ebbets Field.

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