Television History - The First 75 Years
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1946-1949 Majestic - USA 

Company originally Grigsby-Grunow, founded in 1928, in Chicago.  Sold radio sets with superior speakers and enjoyed huge sales for a time.  Went bankrupt in 1933.  The business was reformed into Majestic Radio & Television Corporation shortly thereafter.  Marketed some Du Mont pre-war television sets with their logo affixed to the front of the set.  Actual pre-war sales unknown.  Returned to television market in 1948.

1946 - (No television production)

1947 - (No television production)

[need photo]
    1948 - (7TV850)  7" tabletop, wood (mahogany), 12 channel tuner

[need photo]    1949 - (TBD)

Last year of production:  1958

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