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1950-1959 Radio Craftsman - USA 

The Radio Craftsman Company was founded in 1949, and produced television sets until 1956.  Their offices and manufacturing were located at 1341 S. Michigan Ave., in Chicago.  They sold a high quality television chassis, for installation in custom-made cabinets for the home or office.


[need photo]     1950 - (RC100) - 27 tube chassis with a 16AP4 B&W picture tube, 12 channel set

1951 Radio-Craftsman RC200  (32K bytes)      1951 - (RC200) - 29 tube chassis (includes 5-watt audio amp) with a 24AP4 B&W picture tube, this example mounted in a custom mahogany wood cabinet (49"H x 30"W x 28"D).  It is interesting to note that this set uses a combination detent and variable tuner, and tunes the FM broadcast band, much like the DuMont and Crosley sets. - [Courtesy Chuck Azzalina]

[need photo]     1952 - (RC202)

[need photo]     1953 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1954 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1955 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1956 - (TBD)

Last year of production: 1956


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