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1953 Hospital Color System
(CBS Mechanical Field-Sequential Color)
Courtesy Early Technology Library, Scotland

A medical supply company called "Wilmot-Castle" of Rochester, New York, (later became part of Sybron Corp.) marketed this CBS color system for hospital use, similar to the Zenith set in design concept, but housed in a rugged metal case.  The unit was actually manufactured by Remington Rand, and licensed through CBS.  Received limited commercial production and use.  Includes scans of several pages of the operator's manual.  (Thanks to John Folsom for providing company info).

1953 CBS Color - Hospital System - USA (56K bytes) (56K) - Complete CBS color system for hospital use

1953 CBS Color Hospital Receiver -USA- (64K bytes) (64K) - CBS Color Receiver

1953 CBS Color Hospital Receiver REAR -USA- (72K bytes) (72K) - CBS Color Receiver - Rear View

1953 CBS Receiver- Controls - USA (184K bytes) (184K - Large File) -- Close-up of front control panel

1953 CBS Color Camera -USA- (20K bytes) (20K) - Color Camera - inside view

1953 CBS Color Boom Camera -USA- (72K bytes) (72K) - Color Boom Camera

1953 CBS Color System - Operating Manual

1953 CBS Color Manual - Pg1 (124K Bytes) (124K) - Page 1    1953 CBS Color Manual -Pg2- (124K bytes) (124K) - Page 2

1953 CBS Color Manual - Pg3 - (132K bytes) (132K) - Page 3    1953 CBS Color Manual - Page 7- (108K bytes) (108K) - Page 7

Explains the theory and principles of field-sequential color


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