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Early British Television -- Baird

1928 July TELEVISION-Baird Proto TV.JPG (194245 bytes) (194K)
July 28, 1928 - Early Prototype

This announcement appeared in the July 1928 issue of the British magazine, called Television.  It says that "Baird Televisors ("seeing-in instruments") will be on sale in the country [England] at the annual Radio Exhibition, which will be held at Olympia, September 22nd to 29th."

The caption under the photograph reads:  "One of the several designs of the new Baird Televisor, which will be marketed here and in America in September."

1928 Aug TELEVISION-Flapper Ad.JPG (170616 bytes) (170K)
August 1928 - "Seen on the Televisor Screen"

1928 Sept TELEVISION-Olympia.JPG (206391 bytes) (206K)
September 1928 - "Olympia -- 1928"  Caption says: "Injured one: 'I WILL see that Televisor, even if they kill me."

1928 Sept TELEVISION-Factory.JPG (205015 bytes) (205K)
September 1928 - "Commercial Televisors in the making..."  About a dozen Baird Model "B's" and Model "C's" are visible.

1928 Oct TELEVISION-8.JPG (261465 bytes) (261K)
October 1928 - Editorial  Talks about  the fact that "Radio Olympia will be in full swing by the time this appears in print...."

1928 Nov TELEVISION-Baird C.JPG (139500 bytes) (139K)
November 1928 - Demonstration Room at Olympia

1928 Nov TELEVISION-9.JPG (267478 bytes) (267K)
November 1928 - "Television at Olympia"  Full report on the event.  Mentions specifically about the three models of Televisors placed on public display.  The Model "A", is a portable instrument which contains a televisor only.  The Model "B", a somewhat more elaborate instrument, which in addition to the televisor contains a loudspeaker, and finally, the Model "C", the most elaborate piece of furniture, where the lower part contains two super radio receivers, one for speech & music, the other for television! 

The three Models (A, B and C) are shown below:

1928 Baird Model A.JPG (75700 bytes) (76K)
Model "A" - Front View

1928 Nov BAIRD Model A-Chassis.JPG (184868 bytes) (185K)
Model "A" - Back View

1928 Baird Model B - Exterior View.JPG (64770 bytes) (65K)
Model "B" - Front View

1928 Baird Model B - Interior View.JPG (163836 bytes) (164K)
Model "B" - Interior View

1928 Baird Model C.JPG (104614 bytes) (105K)
Model "C" - Front View

1928 Nov TELEVISION-Baird.JPG (240125 bytes) (240K)
"The Baird Television Development Company's Stand at Olympia"  Where it all began.

1928 Nov TELEVISION-TV Mag Display.JPG (215758 bytes) (216K)
Television Magazine Exhibit at Olympia

1929 Jan TELEVISION-BBC.JPG (241513 bytes) (241K)
January 1929 - "There are none so blind as those who will not see"


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