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1962 to date - Brionvega  

Television was introduced to Italy in 1954, and color was first broadcast there in 1977.

The Italian Brionvega brand is produced and distributed by the Formenti Group.   The Group is the main producer of color television sets in Italy today.

Quoting the Brionvega website:

"Brionvega products are aimed at those who appreciate style and design, and who expect something different, more flamboyant.  The company uses the services of world famous designers: Hannes Wettstein, Mario Bellini, Richard Sapper, Marco Zanuso, Castiglioni brothers and Ettore Sottsass.  These designers look beyond every day fashion and create objects with outstanding beauty."

The company was founded in 1945, and initially manufactured audio products.  In the early 1960s, two unusual portable television sets, designed by Marco Zanuso and Rich Sapper, were marketed by the name "Doney" (1962) and "Algol" (1964).  These designs are timeless and enduring. 

Brionvega "Doney" -ITALY- (20K bytes) (20K) - "Doney" television

Brionvega "Algol" - ITALY- (28K bytes) (28K) - "Algol" television

In 1969 Brionvega released the "Cubo" television.  This set was designed by Mario Bellini and became a classic of that era and is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  An updated version of this television was produced in the 1990s.

1969 Brionvega ST201 Italy  (44K bytes) (44K) - "Cubo" television - Black ST 201 model - [Courtesy Tany Tiberino, Italy]


Brionvega (Italy)    Visit the Brionvega web site to learn more.  You have a choice of either the Italian or English language on this site.  Great "flash" introduction. 

History of Television    Italian site, which mentions Brionvega.

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