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Steve Dichter

Steve worked at station KTLA in Los Angeles, California, for 16 years.  Among the many items he collected over the years are some of the 8x10 glossy photographs from early 1947 shown below.

The live studio shots include Du Mont pre-war iconoscope cameras.  If anyone has technical information (or perhaps catalog info) on these cameras, please contact me.

Experimental station W6XYZ started telecasting in 1939, and became KTLA-TV on January 22, 1947.

KTLA purchased new RCA-TK-10 image orthicon cameras later in 1947.

These long forgotten photos document the famous west-coast-pioneer TV station's early days:

1947 KTLA Program Sign (76K bytes) (76K) 1947 April KTLA Programs (184K bytes) (184K) -- KTLA painted sign, and close-up of the early April 1947 program schedule.  Apparently a new schedule was pasted onto this board each week.  KTLA transmitted from the top of Mt. Wilson.

1947 KTLA Studio Dancers (72K bytes) (72K) - Dancers in early broadcast for the new KTLA-TV station

1947 KTLA Studio - Dogs (60K bytes) (60K)    1947 KTLA Studio - Dogs 2 (56K bytes) (56K) -- Mother dog and her pups x 2.  Notice the banks of hot floodlamps!

1947 KTLA Studio - Girls (88K bytes) (88K) -- Four young girls in costume, with a nice shot of the Du Mont cameras

1947 KTLA - Product Demo (80K bytes) (80K) -- Product demonstration (coffee pot?)

1947 KTLA Studio - Man Reads (60K bytes) (60K) -- Live studio shot, masked man reads "Television" magazine

1947 KTLA Studio - Queen (156K bytes) (156K) -- 1947 KTLA Television Queen -- Her crown is being presented by Richard "Dick" Lane, who was a character actor and Los Angeles TV personality at KTLA for close to 40 years.

1949 KTLA Hollywood  (32K bytes) (32K) -- 1949 snapshot of the KTLA Studio, in Hollywood California.

1950s NBC KRCA Ch4 Studio in LA (68K bytes) (68K) -- c. 1955 photograph of the NBC-TV affiliate station KRCA, located in Los Angeles.  This beautiful building was torn down in the mid 1960s.

Color TV Sets in Steve's Collection

1954 Capehart CXC12 19in COLOR (60K bytes) (60K)    1954 Capehart CXC12 COLOR CONTROLS (32K bytes) (32K)

1954 Capehart Model CXC-12, 19-inch color set
Presently on display in the UCLA  Collection of Technology and Design archives.
The set employs a CBS 19VP22 Colortron tube + 40 vacuum tubes

Steve Dichter's CT100 (32K bytes) (32K)    Live Screen Shot - Steve Dichter's CT100 (36K bytes) (36K)

1954 RCA Model CT-100 color set

CTC-5 Steve Dichter (48K bytes) (48K)    CTC-5 Steve Dichter (28K bytes) (28K)

1956-57 "Wingate" RCA CTC-5 color set
This set is also fully operational - shown with owner's manual