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Ford Motor Company

Ford Rotunda
Allow me to share some memories that I have as a small child.  The special place I'm speaking about is the Ford Rotunda, where my parents would take me to see Santa during the Christmas Season.  The Ford Rotunda was originally built as an exhibit building for the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.  After the close of the Fair, the building was taken apart and shipped to Dearborn, and reassembled on Rotunda Drive, across from the Central Office Building (the "World Headquarters" for that time period).  During the year, the Company would have various automotive exhibits for the public and local school children.  Tragically, while making roof repairs on Friday, November 9th, 1962, the hot tar roof ignited, and before the fire department could arrive, the building was pretty much destroyed.  A sad day in Ford history, and a loss to the children and families who visited regularly.

 Rouge-Central Office-Rotunda.JPG (123471 bytes)    1961 Ford Rotunda Entrance.JPG (69553 bytes)    1961 Ford Rotunda at Christmas.JPG (134981 bytes)    1961 Ford Rotunda Christmas Display2.JPG (77652 bytes)    1961 Ford Rotunda Christmas Display3.JPG (113406 bytes)   

1961 Ford Rotunda Christmas Display1.JPG (93666 bytes)    1959 Styling Exhibit at Rotunda.JPG (54796 bytes)    1960 Levacar Concept Vehicle.JPG (42488 bytes)     1958 Edsel Exhibit at Rotunda.JPG (61783 bytes)    1962 Nov Rotunda Burns.JPG (83046 bytes)

Early Ford Dealerships
Here are a couple examples of early Ford dealerships.  The first is in the beginning, when the horse and buggy and automobile shared the same roads, and the second example is from 1945, Conway Ford, just post war.  The economy was ready for expansion, and the American public was ready to buy homes, autos, TV sets and all the luxuries that were sacrificed during the war.  The third photo shows an early parts department.

Early Ford Dealer.JPG (125799 bytes)        1945 Conway Ford Dealer.JPG (78699 bytes)        Early Ford Dealer Parts Dept.JPG (62696 bytes)

Ford Automobiles
Here are a few examples of Ford cars, from the early days to the present.

    28M Car 4-8-1940.JPG (52002 bytes)    1946 Ford.JPG (49723 bytes)    Early Mustang Mach1 Prototype.JPG (34867 bytes)    Mustang Race Car.JPG (39703 bytes)

2002 Thunderbird.JPG (25895 bytes)
2002 Thunderbird

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