Television History - The First 75 Years
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Jim Weinberg

Examples of ephemera, toys and hardware from Jim's collection:

1937 Philips Caravane de la Television (72K bytes) (72K) 1937 Philips Pg1 (144K bytes) (144K) 1937 Philips Pg2 (192K bytes) (192K) 1937 Philips  Pg3 (116K bytes) (116K)

1937 Philips Pg4 (80K bytes) (80K) 1937 Philips  Pg5 (112K bytes) (112K)  1937 Philips Pg6 (76K bytes) (76K)  1937 Philips  Pg7 (76K bytes) (76K)
1937 Philips booklet "Caravane de la Television"  -  Written in the French language


Sentinel SelectaVision TV (28K bytes) (28K)    Sentinel SelectaVision Panel (52K bytes) (52K)    Selectavision Coin Slot (28K bytes) (28K)    Selectavision Schematic Title Block (44K bytes) (44K)
ca. 1954 Sentinel "SelectaVision" , Model J1, Pay-per-view Television - for bar use.


WW-II Temporary US Army TV Studio (80K bytes) (80K)    World War-II   DuMont TV Camera (72K bytes) (72K)    TSESS Camp Gordon Test Pattern -USA- (52K bytes) (52)    TSESS Voltage Regulator Class (44K bytes) (44K)    TSESS TV Control Room (48K bytes) (48K)
ca. 1946-50 snapshot photos showing the US Army temporary Television Studio, DuMont camera, Test Pattern, Voltage regulator class, and control room.


WNBW Ch 4 Test Pattern Wash. DC (100K bytes) (100K)
WNBW Channel-4 Test Pattern, Washington D.C. -- off screen photograph.  WNBW began broadcasting on June 27, 1947 with studios at the Wardman Park Hotel.


WCAU Test Pattern - TV10 (52K bytes) (52K)    WCAU - Outside Camera Shot (56K bytes) (56K)    WCAU Control Room (44K bytes) (44K)
WCAU -- TV10 -- Test Pattern, ca. 1948, outside camera shot, and control room - live.
More information about this early Philadelphia station.

WABD Ch 5 Test Pattern -USA- (28K bytes) (28K)
WABD, Channel 5, Du Mont Network, New York --  Live test pattern screen photo.

1934 Farnsworth TV Studio Production (216K) (216K bytes)
1934 Farnsworth television studio production using dissector camera.

Picture Tube Manufacturing USA (212K bytes) (212K)
Inside a picture tube manufacturing plant - showing some of the process steps for making a CRT.

Corgi BBC Truck -UK- (32K bytes) (32K)
Corgi BBC TV Truck

Dinky Pathe News Vehicle -France- (44K bytes) (44K)
Dinky Pathe News Vehicle

Joustra TV Truck (24K bytes) (24K)
Joustra TV Truck

NBC TV Truck -USA- (20K bytes) (20K)
NBC TV Truck

Carrera-TV-Tower  (44K bytes) (44K)
Carrera TV Tower

Playmobile TV Crew  (40K bytes) (40K)
Playmobile TV Crew

TV Motorcycle Crew  (92K bytes) (92K)
TV Motorcycle Crew

Selectric TV Tower  (52K bytes) (52K)
Selectric TV Tower