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1957-1961 KUBA "Komet"

1960 "Komet"

NOTE:  A 1961 "Komet" was sold in Koln, Germany on June 9, 2001 for DM16824.14 (about $7300USD).  These sets are exceedingly rare.

My thanks to Mr. Hartwig Hillebrand for providing information about this series of Kuba Komet models, which were offered for sale from 1957 to 1961.  The scans below are from a German handbook of television sets, called:  "Handbuch Des Rundfunk - Und Fernseh-Grosshandels"


1957-1958 Technical Data (In German)

Translation of Technical Data:

TV 53 cm (21 inch) television with radio receiver and record player (phonograph).
Combined TV and radio chassis GRAETZ F 44K Record player: 4-drive record changer Telefunken TW 561
installation of a tape recorder is possible.

8 speakers total, with 2 front-facing horn speakers.
Special Feature: Upper portion with screen can swivel.
Cabinet: Palm and maple woods with polyester high-gloss finish

191 x 167 x 60 cm   (75 inches x 66 inches x 24 inches)

Komet recommended price: DM 2.785,-.  (Approximately $1,250.00 US, which at that time, represented more than a month's wages for an average worker)


1959-1960 Technical Data (In German)

Translation of Technical Data:

TV 53 cm (21 inch) television with radio receiver and record player (phonograph).
TV chassis: IMPERIAL FET 1021 SL;  Radio chassis: IMPERIAL Vollstereo-Super 609.

Marc Goeritz, from Cologne, Germany wrote to provide further clarification:

"Vollstereo means both the record player and radio receiver are stereo.  In those days receivers with a stereo amplifier but monaural tuner were very common (in Germany).  This is the reason why a stereo receiver with a stereo tuner were called "Vollstereo", for example the "SABA Freudenstadt 100 Stereo" (built in 1960) reproduces only records or tapes in stereo, but radio broadcasts are received in mono.  Super is an abbreviation for superheterodyne.  From the middle of the 50s to the middle of the 70s the word "super" was sometimes used instead of the word Rundfunkempfänger (the German word for radio receiver). In Germany, in the 30s and 40s only very few receivers were superheterodyne.  Such receivers became common in the early 50s. In the USA superheterodyne receivers were introduced earlier.  "Handbuch Des Rundfunk - Und Fernseh-Grosshandels" means "wholesale handbook of the radio receiver and television receiver". Every year the radio and television wholesalers bring out a new handbook. This handbook has information for the dealers, not the customers.

8 tubes, UKML (ultra short wave, medium wave, short wave, long wave) , 4 tone keys.
Record player: STEREO record changer: Telefunken TW 501.
Tape recorder (MAGNETOPHON KL 175 T) for additional charge.
8 speakers total, 4 front + 2 front electrostatic speakers , + 2 side way speakers. Connection for additional external speaker(s).

Cabinet and weight: Maple and "Wenge" ("dark brown wood from West Africa") inside and outside, with polyester high-gloss finish.

216 x 171 x 75 cm  (85 inches x 67 inches x 30 inches) Weight: 192 kg  (423 pounds)

Price: DM 2.798 (Approx $1,260 US);  With tape recorder (MAGNETOPHON KL 175): 3.227 DM
Remote control (with UHF tuner) available for additional charge.

1960-1961 Technical Data (In German)

Collectors have written to report that more information about this set can be found on the following German websites

Deutsches Rundfunk-Museum    (German Broadcast Museum) - They have the "Komet" in their collection.

Translation of German on the above site:

59 cm (23 inch) - Television-Broadcast-Phono-Combination, Imperial Chassis 1223 SL (20 tubes, VHF tuner channel selector, broadcast chassis Imperial 609a (11 tubes, UKW/KW/MW/LW, 2 x 5 Watt Stereo output stage), Stereo receiver, stereo record player, drawer for tape recorder, 8 loudspeakers, 220 V alternating current, weight 131 kg (289 lbs).

75 Jahre Rundfunk 50 Jahre BR - Die Ausstellung  (75 years of Mass Media Communication)

Die Supertruhe  - Another "Komet" on display



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