Television History - The First 75 Years
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Mechanical Television Replicas

My sincere thanks to Denis and Jacky Asseman, from Belgium, who were kind enough to share their handcrafted replica of the early 1930's TeKaDe mechanical television set.  I welcome other replica builders to send me scans of their 'pride-and-joy', for posting on this site.

Another modern replica of a 1930s "Telehor" set, by Denis Asseman of Belgium

Televisor Replica  (28K bytes) (28K)
Finally, a superb "Televisor" replica built by Denis.

Edouard Belin - France

1923 January - Article by Belin  (245K bytes) (245K)
Early Television System by Belin - January 1923
Illustration from a French general scientific magazine called:  "Je Sais Tout "  ("I know all")
(Courtesy Denis Asseman and Thierry Magis)


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