Television History - The First 75 Years
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Through special arrangements made last year, I have obtained permission to reprint television set images from  SAMS Photofact   Folders, on this web site. 

I am in the process of digitizing approximately 2,000 television set images, from the years 1950 to 1959.   This will take a considerable amount of time, and will be an on-going effort, so please bear with me.

The manufacturers covered in this manner are:

'50-'59 Gotham (Mar 14)

'46-'49 Truetone (Mar 10)

Philco  (Nov 20)

Andrea  (Nov 11)

Packard Bell  (Nov 10)

46-49 Andrea (Nov 3)

Hoffman (June 8)

Zenith  (May 18)

Raytheon  (May 16)

Du Mont  (May 13)

Motorola  (May 11)

Crosley  (May 9)

Muntz  (May 6)

Airline  (May 4)

Admiral  (May 2)

Emerson and DeWald  (April 25)


I will link to this page, as other manufacturers are brought 'on line', so you can quickly see what has been added.


Use of images:
My sincere thanks to the people at SAMS who agreed to let these images be placed on the Internet.  They do come with restrictions.  Please keep in mind that these photographs are the property of SAMS Technical Publishing, and may not be published elsewhere, without first obtaining permission from SAMS.  It is okay to use them for school work, term papers, research, etc., however.  If you are unsure, please e-mail me.

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