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WRGB -- GE's Station with many "Firsts" (For America)

By way of a written request early in 1998, station WRGB was kind enough to send me an original 1987 issue of the "24th Annual Golden Mike Award" brochure.  This glossy 12" x 36" four page foldout publication gives a wonderful history of New York's WRGB television station, which holds many "FIRST" records in the broadcast industry.  Part of this presentation is shown in the scans below.

1987 WRGB Award.JPG (28928 bytes) (29K)
Front Cover of the brochure

1987 WRGB Full.JPG (78628 bytes) (78K)
Composite of all four panels - 36 inches long

1987 WRGB Text.JPG (180011 bytes) (180K)
Introductory Text Panel

1928 W2XB 1st TV Station.JPG (241386 bytes) (242K)
High resolution scan of the first panel.  On this page, you have the following 'firsts' mentioned:  

  •     First private, experimental television viewing (1926, USA)


  •     First successful public television broadcast (January 1928, USA)

  •     US Federal Government issues first name to WRGB, with the call letters "W2XB", but the station is popularly known as WGY Television, after its sister radio station.  (Spring 1928)

  •     First TV Newscaster, Kolin Hager, broadcasts farm and weather reports three times weekly on W2XB (May 10, 1928, USA)

  •     WORLD's First remote television news broadcast at Capitol Building in Albany, NY., as Governor Alfred E. Smith accepts the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.  (August 1928)

  •     First dramatic program on television, "The Queen's Messenger", broadcast to four television sets! (September 1928, USA)

  •     First Network Television Broadcast -- June 1939 --  Arrival of King and Queen of England at the N.Y. World's Fair -- The picture is broadcast from New York to Schenectady.

  •     First NBC affiliate (November 1939)


1987 WRGB-Panel2.JPG (183720 bytes) (184K)
Second Panel

  •     March 1942 -- W2XB is renamed WRGB, in tribute to Dr. Walter R. G. Baker, a GE vice president and pioneer in US television and radio.

  •     June 1946 -- WRGB airs its first commercial -- for Gillette -- which sponsored the Heavyweight Boxing match between Joe Louis and Bill Conn. 


  •     April 1948 -- First network newscast reported by Douglas Edwards on the CBS television network.


1987 WRGB-4th panel.JPG (91574 bytes) (91K)
Fourth Panel

  •     September 1981 - WRGB (Local Channel 6)  Becomes affiliated with CBS

  •     August 1983 -- GE Sells WRGB to Universal Communications Corporation

  •     March 1986 --  Freedom Newspapers, Inc., purchases WRGB

  •     WRGB is recognized as America's pioneer television station -- the oldest continually operating TV station in the world.