Television History - The First 75 Years
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Pre-1935 Books

This page covers early books on television, which taught about or discussed "mechanical" television (some books may touch on the beginnings of electronic CRT TV).  

1926 Television - Seeing by Wireless written by Alfred Dinsdale

1926 Al DinsdaleTV Book.jpg (26613 bytes) (26K)

This publication is considered to be the first English language book in the world written exclusively on the subject of television.  Size: 5" x 7-1/4", 62 pages, 12 illustrations.  The natural semi-rigid book cover is shown on the left and the dust cover on the right.  Some interior pages will posted at a later date.  Contains the first photograph ever taken of a television image.  Gives brief history of TV experimentation to that date, and ends with a detailed explanation of the Baird mechanical system.

1929 Television by Sheldon and Grisewood

1929 Television-Sheldon Cover.JPG (30602 bytes) (30K)        1929 Television-Sheldon P156.JPG (48178 bytes) (48K) 
This book is labeled: "First American Book on Television"

1929 Television the Eye of Radio by Jenkins

1929 Jenkins TV Promo Booklet 31pgs.jpg (21865 bytes) (21K)        Jenkins Model 202 in the home.jpg (85227 bytes) (85K)

1930 Two-Way Television by Bell Telephone Labs

1930 Bell & AT&T Cover  (108K bytes) (108K) - Dust cover opened to full size (8-1/2" x 11")

The full title reads:  "Two-way Television and a Pictorial Account of Its Background", developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories (with AT&T), published in April 1930.  Covers the Bell labs April 7, 1927 television demonstration, two-way picture phone demonstration and most interestingly, the demonstration of color television in June 1929.

See all 40 pages of this booklet

1932 Experimental Television -- by J. G. R. Van Dyck -- Paris France -- Printed In Belgium

1932 French Experimental Television.JPG (59579 bytes) (59K)

Just a superb book on early television -- written in French -- 190 Pages -- 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" -- 150 Illustrations and photos.

Click here to see inside this book.

1933 Radio Physics Course by Alfred A. Ghirardi - 900 Pages

Click here to see inside this book.


1934 Funktechnik in Frage und Antwort    (Radio Technics - Questions and Answers)   Berlin, Germany

1934 Funtechnik - Germany  (34K bytes) (34K)

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