Television History - The First 75 Years
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1960-1969 Other Stuff

This page contains items that don't fit the previously established sections, such as toys and ephemera from the 1960 to 2000 time period.

1960 Toy NBC Truck

1960 NBC Color Television Truck  (44K bytes) (44K)

Battery-operated tin toy truck by the Japanese company Yonezawa.  Graphics indicate "NBC" and "Color Television". The truck is 9 inches long.

1966 Reddy Kilowatt

1966 Reddy Kilowatt Toy.JPG (18676 bytes) (20K)    1966 Reddy Kilowatt Package.JPG (34909 bytes) (35K)    Reddy Kilowatt Neon Lamp.JPG (9199 bytes) (99K) Neon Reddy Lamp
This is not exactly related to television... but it just seems worth posting!  Reddy Kilowatt, which stands 5-1/2" tall, was a promotional 'business card holder' sold by American power generating companies in the mid 1960s.  This has a Roman Numeral date of 1966 embossed in the base of the brown socket holder.  His white areas glow in the dark!  Complete with original packaging and mailer.  The packaging is designed such that Reddy can be slipped in and out easily without damage.  Pen shown for size reference.