Television History - The First 75 Years
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Antique Radios

Early Technology



Mechanical TV

Color TV






Repair Info




Station Equipment





Adventures in Cybersound - Mechanical Television History by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Alexandra Palace - by Arthur Dungate

Alexandra Palace Television Society

BBC History - by the BBC

British TV History - by P. T. Mathias

Broadcast History Links - by Elizabeth McLeod

Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia

Century of Business & Technology - Timeline

Early Television Stations - by John Ross

Early Television in Italy - by Andy Emmerson

History of Philco - by Carlos Altgelt  (High-speed Internet connection recommended)

History of German Television; also Fernsehen im III. Reich (in German); also German TV Audiences

History of Television - by Steven E. Schoenherr

The History of Television - by André Lange, Professor at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium

The History of Television - by Jerry Whitaker

History of Japanese Television

Information Technology Timeline - by Anthony J. Pennings, PhD

John Logie Baird Collection - Hastings Museum, East Sussex, England

Levend - Netherlands

The Media History Project

Television Archives

TV Yesterday - Wolfgang Maria Weber, Germany

UK Television History - by Victor G. Barker

U. S. Television Chronology, 1875-1970 - Television Timeline by Jeff Miller

World-wide Start Dates for Commercial TV Broadcasting

100 Years of Television Design

1930 TV-Media Firsts - Timeline by David Fisher

1940 TV-Media Firsts - Timeline by David Fisher

1950 TV-Media Firsts - Timeline by David Fisher

1960 TV-Media Firsts - Timeline by David Fisher

1970 TV-Media Firsts - Timeline by David Fisher

1980 TV-Media Firsts - Timeline by David Fisher

1990 TV-Media Firsts - Timeline by David Fisher


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